Over d-Bodhi

After years of working in the furniture industry, experimenting with the use of reclaimed teak wood in fun and unusual ways, Raymond Davids founded d-Bodhi in November 2007. Bodhi is Sanskrit for ‘enlightenment’ and ‘awakened’, to which he added the ‘d’ from his last name.

In 2010 our designers began adding other materials like recycled galvanized iron, old boat wood, used denim jeans and old license plates to create the distinctly d-Bodhi look. in 2013, we added rubber from old tires and recycled paper.

We’ve won numerous awards at the International Furniture Fair in Singapore, and our collections are recognized trendsetters by interior design magazines worldwide

d-Bodhi products are now distributed in thirty countries across five continents.

d-Bodhi gives a monthly donation of 1,000 trees directly to the Trees4Trees Foundation™ for their environmental and humanitarian work. This not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint. It also has a positive impact in real people’s lives. The small-scale farming families working with the foundation are among the most vulnerable economically. The trees are tangible investment in their future